Episode 4: SFSqueecast LIVE at CONvergence!

ETA: This episode has now been corrected. Let’s give it another try, shall we?

This episode of the SF Squeecast was recorded LIVE at CONvergence, on 7/3/2011, where Catherynne M. Valente, Lynne M. Thomas and Seanan McGuire were Guests of Honor, and Elizabeth Bear Skyped in. Paul Cornell, alas, was moving house and without internet access, and he totally missed out on us being live! In person! with an audience! that you can hear! They even applaud and laugh at our jokes…

In this episode we talked about:

We also took some audience questions.

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Additional credits: Special thanks to our webmaster, Dmitri Zagidulin, our technical producer Carole Brown, Jeff Bohnhoff at Mystic Fig Studios for the instrumentals of music by Seanan McGuire, Katy Shuttleworth, who made our ROCKING logo, and Michael D. Thomas for general administrative support. Extra special thanks to Matt Ledder, who was our on-site audio engineer, the entire CONvergence Crew, and Steve Manfred for furnishing internet access on the fly. <3

7 Responses to “Episode 4: SFSqueecast LIVE at CONvergence!”

  1. Andrew Marsh Says:

    The audio cuts out at various points, so I couldn’t hear the whole thing.

  2. lynnethomas Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up! We’re looking into it. 🙂

  3. Paul (@princejvstin) Says:

    The explanation of Little Big was useful. Thanks, Cat!

  4. jay daze Says:

    Thanks so much for the Finder recommendation. I bought Volume 1 soon after this episode came out and loved it. Just came back from the big city with Volume 2 in my loot bag!

  5. lynnethomas Says:

    Hurrah! It’s good stuff. 🙂

  6. Running Out the Clock « Between a Book and a Headspace Says:

    […] The Finder Library, Volume One, Carla Speed McNeil. A recommendation made by Seanan McGuire during SF Squeecast, a podcast in which McGuire, Elizabeth Bear, Catherynne Valente, Paul Cornell and Lynne Thomas gush […]

  7. Alamaris Says:

    I was very interested to hear that Cat and I had totally opposite reactions to “Little, Big”! As soon as Auberon and Sylvia came onto the scene, I just went “oh” and had a lot less interest in the rest of the book. Smokey and Alice and the House were my shining lights — A&S’s plotline and romance did absolutely nothing for me. Still love the book, still reread it constantly, but the middle, unfortunately, is sometimes skimmed.