On recommendations, guests, and other shenanigans


So, since the Hugo win, we’ve had a good strong handful of inquiries as to how we select our items for squeeage, our guests, and the like. We’re glad you’re interested! This is something that we’ve discussed in passing before, but until now, our policies about how, why, and with whom we squee were pretty informal. We’ve taken the step of formalizing them and listing them on our “About” page.

For your convenience, I’m reproducing the salient points here:

We work in a show-and-tell format, with contributors selecting materials to discuss on the podcast. Contributors will not discuss or promote their own work, or the work of those appearing on the podcast in that episode. We did one very awkward episode where that happened. That’s all you get. Because awkward.

Please note that unlike regular review podcasts, the SF Squeecast does not accept review copies, ARCs, or the like, in an effort to keep our inboxes less cluttered, and our choice-making as fair as possible.

All guests or interviewees appearing on the SF Squeecast are by direct invitation only.

Thanks for your understanding. :-)

That said, for those of you who want to talk about things that make you happy, we hear you! We’ve come up with a way to let you squee along with us. We will be hosting an Open Squee Thread on this blog periodically. Our first Open Squee Thread, along with the rules for the thread, will be posted shortly.

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