Episode 18: You Can’t Put Your Finger There!

Welcome to the November Episode of the Hugo Award-winning SF Squeecast! Episode 18 is called “You Can’t Put Your Finger There!” This episode features the SF Squeecast regulars Elizabeth Bear, Paul Cornell, Seanan McGuire, Lynne M. Thomas, and Catheynne M. Valente! In this episode we squeed about:

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11 Responses to “Episode 18: You Can’t Put Your Finger There!”

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    […] […]

  2. Paul Weimer (@princejvstin) Says:

    The story of the episode title is hilarious!

  3. Lianne Says:

    Everyone’s a rittle bit lacist!

    And now I really want to see Quatermass. Any version thereof.

  4. The Squeecast Does Romanpunk (with Love) | Cheryl's Mewsings Says:

    […] latest episode of the Hugo award-winning SF Squeecast podcast sees some of the cast squeeing happily over Tansy […]

  5. Lenora Rose Says:

    I’m another one who grew up with Seaward as one of my favourite books – and its redemption of her horrid “everyone goes home and forgets” close of the Dark is Rising series is one reason why. (it’s also what got me on to selkies, too.)

    And Peth. And the rooms of their imagination.

    I never saw any Addams family or the Munsters. Now I feel deprived.

  6. Meli Says:

    Damn you Seanan! After watching Mockingbird Lane, I’m now sad there won’t be more.

    Also, nice episode.

  7. TrishEM Says:

    I watched “Five Million Years to Earth,” the Quatermass movie, on TV many years ago, expecting basically a bad monster movie from the schedule write-up, and it turned out to be much more interesting than I expected. I see that it’s airing on TCM tonight, or tomorrow morning, depending on where you live — 1 a.m. EST Saturday. Enjoy!

  8. lynnethomas Says:


  9. Mustapha Garba Says:

    Really glad I got directed to this podcast!

    And Paul Cornell & Lynne Thomas sound eerily close to how I imagined them sounding.

  10. NickPheas Says:

    Quite a good interview with Susan Cooper turned up on the Guardian website a couple of days ago:
    Still writing.
    Thanks for bringing her non-Dark Is Rising work to my attention.

  11. lynnethomas Says: