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Thursday, September 13th, 2012

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Welcome to the very first Open Squee Thread for the SF Squeecast, where you can share your squee with the world (or at least, our listeners)!

Rules for Open Squee Thread:

1.Be squeeful about the work of others. Suggestions may only come from those who are not directly involved in the creation of the object of squee. No suggesting books, media, etc. where you yourself are the creator/writer/editor/producer. Any item so suggested will be ignored. And possibly deleted, if the moderator is feeling cranky.

2. It’s not enough to tell us that you think something is squee-worthy and just list it. Tell us why. This is your chance to intrigue our listeners into checking something out. Be original. Be funny if you can. Tell us in glorious detail how and why your suggestion is made of awesome.

3. Do not harsh the squee of others’ suggestions. Squee is intensely personal; harshing someone else’s squee is not cool. If someone suggests [x], DO NOT follow up with “no, [x] is TERRIBLE. You should look at [y] instead, which is way more awesome.” If someone else’s suggestion is not your cup of tea, post your own without slamming someone else’s.

Squee on!